Picture of the Week: Before and After Pictures-Trees Uprooted in Hurricane Sandy

Pictures from trees on Croton Avenue (pictures 1 – 4) and Mountain Road:

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Power News – Electricity and Gas

Power is returning to Mount Kisco residents, but for those without power, many living in Mount Kisco Chase and in Captain Merritt Hill, it is taking forever. As of Friday morning, according to Con Ed outage maps, approximately 650 out of 5,075 Con Edison customers were without power in Mount Kisco, down from approximately 1,000 on Thursday morning.
 Hopefully, a few several hundred more customers can get power on Friday.

Gas lines are forming in Mount Kisco. There were significant lines at Mobil and BP on Route 117 in Mount Kisco. Pictures from BP are shown below from Friday morning at 8:00 am. While there may be long lines since many stations are not open, some consumers are acting irrationally. AS the New York Times reported, one consumer was quoted ” ‘I just want to have it, because you don’t know how long this is going to last,’ said Richard Bianchi, waiting in the half-mile line at the Sunoco in Union with a tank that was three-quarters full.”

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Wednesday Post Storm Update from Mount Kisco

The Mount Kisco Village Manager had the following update (with some editorial comments):

Primary and secondary roads are now all accessible. Target and A&P are open. A&P has plenty of milk and dairy but is low on beer (see picture below)

Con Ed is working to restore power to southern areas of the Village. Power should be restored to Brook Street, much of Grove, High, Ward, Leonard, Thorn, W. Hyatt, Spring, Boltis, Woodland, Main Street, Moore Avenue, St. Mark’s, Lawrence, Pine, Spencer, Lexington by later on this afternoon.

Power restoration is being assessed for Valley View, portions of N. Bedford Road, eastern Barker Street.

An emergency shelter remains open at the Boys and Girls Club at 351 Main Street. Dry ice will be available at Yonkers Raceway at 3PM. Additional dry ice will be available at a northern Westchester location which has yet to be announced. This information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

Families are again urged to avoid any trick-or-treating this evening.

The Mt. Kisco Public Library is open, fully staffed and has wireless service and computers for your use. The library is crowded (see below) and the service is not available for all who wish to get online.

Refuse collection remains on the normal pick-up schedule. The current focus of Village clean up efforts is to make the public right-of-ways safe for pedestrian and vehicle travel. Limbs from private property can be brought to the curb for collection provided they are tied in four foot bundles. The unauthorized dumping of material in the public right-of-way is prohibited. Village will resume collection of leaf bags and curbside leaf collection later this week.

The Village Highway Department has been doing a tremendous job with tree removal and cleanup. Give them a thank you to let them know you appreciate their efforts. See cleanup of about half a dozen trees on Prospect Street below.

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Little Flooding After the Storm; Trees Knock Out Power

Sandy did not stay long but left her legacy as approximately half of the residents of Mount Kisco were without power. Unlike Irene (as shown from the pictures below), there was not widespread flooding. There were, however, many trees down, including those pictured on Croton Avenue below.

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Calm Before the Storm in Mount Kisco

Below are pictures at noon on Monday in Mount Kisco. Top row left to right, Mount Kisco 9/11 Memorial, Sandbags in front of Churchills and A&P open for business (with no D batteries of course). Lower row contains pictures of Leonard Park.

While this storm will cause damage, elected officials are trying to out-caution each other. New York Governor Cuomo shut down the subways on Sunday night at 7:00 pm. Sensing he was losing the battle and realizing he had no subways to shut down, Connecticut Governor Malloy ordered highways to be shut down. Fearing the worst, and running out of cautionary measures, New York City Mayor Bloomberg ordered everyone to stay at home AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DRINK ANY LARGE SODAS OR SUGARY BEVERAGES.

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Photo of the Week – Eduardo’s

Thank you for Eduardo’s Restaurant for providing us with this beautiful flower garden this summer. Thankfully, the soup-tasting chef does not have seasonal allergies.

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Fox Lane Powers Over Greeley in Football, 28-3

Fox Lane and their fans wore black as part of a planned black out. Horace Greeley and their fans wore white as part of a planned white out.

Fox Lane’s strong defense, however, caused Greeley’s offense to brown out by holding them to three points for the night. Fox Lane’s defense line was powerful and led the defense.

On the other side of the ball, Fox Lane’s offensive line open holes for Chris Johnson and Chris Manjuck, who each ran for about 100 yards on the night and together accounted for three touchdowns.

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Mount Kisco Fire Dpartment’s 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

On Tuesday in Mount Kisco, there was a moving ceremony to remember those lost in the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Last year, the memorial, two slabs of black granite symbolizing the World Trade Center towers installed in the middle of a pentangular pool to memorialize the victims of the attack on the Pentagon, was built and dedicated by the Mount Kisco Fire Department. Several hundred village residents and guests attended the memorial ceremony to remember the day we should never forget.

The stage and the area in front of the stage was occupied by members of the Mount Kisco Fire Department and other Mount Kisco first responders, members of the American Legion, and the Mount Kisco Ancients Fife & Drum Corps.

Mount Kisco Firefighter Paul Felice asked the crowd to remember the 343 brave firefighters that were killed trying to rescue others. As Assemblyman Robert Castelli noted, those firefighters, along with brave first responders from the police department and emergency medical services, were killed rushing in to buildings as many were rushing out. County Legislator made several memorable comments and noted that 109 Westchester residents were killed in the attacks. Comments were also added by State Senator Greg Ball who noted how everyone came together after the attacks.

The final remarks were delivered by Father William Damroth, from St. Francis of Assisi Church in Mount Kisco. Father Bill shared some personal stories about sharing masses with firefighters and consoling those who lost loved ones as a priest and the son of a fire fighter.

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Mount Kisco Fire Department to Hold Annual 9/11 Memorial Service

The Mount Kisco Fire Department is hosting its annual memorial service at Mount Kisco’s 9/11 Memorial (north of the Mount Kisco Library) on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 6:00 p.m.  The Mount Kisco Fire Department urges residents to attend to remember the losses we said we would never forget.

In an email from Jere Hochman, Superintendent of Bedford Central Schools, he writes:

Tuesday, September 11, marks the 11th anniversary of the attacks on America in New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania which resulted in the loss of lives; loss of friends, colleagues, family members. Firefighters, EMS workers, police, and volunteers sacrificed their lives and saved other’s lives that day. While this is history to be taught to our youngest children and remembered by young adults and all of us, we take time to remember – and to thank those who served.

Nevertheless, the Fox Lane Middle School is holding a curriculum night for 6th grade students that evening creating a conflict for parents.

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Mount Kisco Memorial Pool Closes for the Summer

Labor Day marks the end of summer. A special thanks to the pool director, pool supervisor and lifeguards. Let’s also remember the swim team and all of their accomplishments.

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