Pete DiChiara Asks Mount Kisco Residents for an Independent Vote

As editor of, I am asking Mount Kisco residents for their votes on the Kisco Action Party line. My platform is basic but addresses what I believe to be the biggest problems in Mount Kisco:

• Code Enforcement: Hire a full-time code enforcement officer specifically charged with conducting inspections for overcrowding, safety and quality of life violations. Mount Kisco does not a have a single full-time code enforcement officer.

• Police Department: Hire new police officers to replace retired officers and eliminate the 20% shortfall of officers. Fund police patrols that will increase the safety of our downtown and neighborhoods, such as bike patrols during evenings in the summer.

• First Responders: Allocate funds for the fire department to pay for the capital needs of our firefighters. For all that the volunteer fire fighters and ambulance corps members do for this Village, they should not have to worry about how to pay for their safety equipment.

• Responsiveness of Government: Whether it is responding to traffic speed and safety complaints from Diplomat Tower residents or addressing traffic light issues voiced by Brookside Village residents, Mount Kisco needs to respond quickly and efficiently.

I put myself as a disadvantage because I did not put signs all over the roadways of Mount Kisco, just giving the signs to my friends and asking them to put them on their lawns. I am running as an independent to best serve the people of Mount Kisco and would appreciate your support.

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