Planning Board to Have Hearing on “Member’s Only” Bowling Alley

At 7:30 tonight at Mount Kisco Village Hall, the Planning Board will have a public hearing to discuss a proposed bowling alley for 333 North Bedford Road.

Initially, the developer appeared before the Mount Kisco Village Board to request a zoning change that would allow one of the developer’s tenants to operate a bowling alley at 333 North Bedford Road. Instead, the developer is now seeking to bypass the Mount Kisco Village Board and seek a special permit to have a bowling alley with a membership requirement.

The membership requirement seems to be a subterfuge that allows the developer and its tenant to have a bowling alley where it is not presently allowed by the zoning code.

Currently the Grand Prix New York race track is considered to be a membership club. In press releases and advertisements, however, there is never any mention that there is a membership requirement. The linked press release offers “GPNY offers Arrive and Drive racing events. It’s as simple as the name implies. You show up, you sign up, you get in and race. You don’t have to bring anything!” In the linked advertisement, the Grand Prix is advertising a “Kids Eat Free, Latin Menu at Fuel, Arrive & Drive Racertainment Schedule.” The Latin Menu appears to be connected with Grand Prix New York’s futbol Wednesday Nights promotion. It appears all of these activities may be questionable in light of Grand Prix New York’s current permit.

There are a lot of people that would like to have a bowling alley in Mount Kisco and this article does not oppose one. The approval for the bowling alley, however, should go through the proper channels and not be the product of loopholes proposed by lawyers. A “membership only” bowling alley in Mount Kisco should be a gutter ball.

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  1. Lanny Hyatt says:

    You might want to add charging to allow use of the Shower. I heard they charge up to $10.00 per person…….

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