Plant Screening along the Train Tracks at South Moger

Fourth in a series.

As this space wrote, there are quite a few projects and tasks that need to be performed in Mount Kisco. Some of these are small capital projects while others might involve hiring a new employee or passing a new local law. Others are projects, like the one highlighted today, are simple projects that can make the village look a little nicer.

As the Village Board was wrapping up the budget last year, a small amount was set aside to plant some bushes for screening along the train tracks near the South Moger parking lot. Mount Kisco’s retail properties are a large part of its tax base. Shoppers walking along South Moger currently look at the back end of properties on Maple Avenue (see below). Since there is $1,000 in the budget for this project, the Village should move to plant the screening. Hopefully, planting a few bushes to make the Village’s downtown look a little nicer will not be caught in a bureaucratic trap.

If the screening can’t be planted, hopefully, the garbage can be collected.

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  1. Andrea Gara says:

    I would be happy to work with the town to design some low-maintenance plantings to screen this area. I have lived in Mount Kisco for 11 years and my company specializes in natural landscapes. Please contact me if interested. I also think the town needs to consider the area along the stream behind the library. The willows do not look good anymore, and should be replaced with trees that are not so prone to storm damage. It young trees are put in now, it could save years of a very bare looking area (or the expense of putting in much larger trees later).

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