Posters on New Media Discuss Sign Invasion

Posters from blog sites to twitter, people are complaining about the sign invasion in Mount Kisco and surrounding areas.

On the blog Best of Kisco, the blogger writes:

There seems to be a bumper crop of political signs this year in Kisco. They litter the ground on every available piece of open space. It seems as though they have sprouted up over night like weeds; stretching as far as the eye can see. I find them to be an incredible eye sore that pollutes the otherwise beautiful fall landscape. There is no room in some spots for community and non-profit organizations to advertise their upcoming events and fund raisers. Some would argue that they are just exercising their first amendment rights – what do you think?

On Facebook, Richard Hooker writes about Mount Kisco “Welcome to Sign Town USA, More Signs than Time Square”.

On Twitter, KiscoKoncierge writes, jokingly, I think, “I feel compelled to yank them out in the night, is there a law against that? No vote for anyone who calls at dinnertime too.”

Finally, the ONION uses a humorous spin, “A blue corrugated plastic sign bearing the name of candidate Todd Young has invigorated and galvanized voters in southeastern Indiana’s 9th District congressional race, catapulting the Republican to an all but insurmountable lead over his opponent.”

It is hard to believe the nerve of some of the candidates.  If the signs are annoying, vote against the candidates with the biggest abuses and let them know why.  Maybe they will get the message for the future elections.

An email was sent to the New York State Department of Transportation asking them to take down the signs with copies to the Village Manager and the Mayor.  Neither the DOT, the Village Manager, nor the Mayor, who is condoning the display of a 32-square foot sign on public property by candidates he personally supports, responded.

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  1. admin says:

    1.It’s Not Easy Being Green

    I would just like to express my disgust with all our local and statewide candidates running in this upcoming election for their ungreen ways! Not only is the huge quantity of literature, arriving daily at my house, completely unhelpful in terms of clarifying positions on issues or even party affiliation, but these wasteful politicians use high quality glossy paper (not recycled) for their ridiculous publicity, and one pair even left plastic bags on all the doors in my neighborhood! What are you guys thinking?????? I certainly dont want any of you in charge of my hard-paid taxes or my environment!!! You know who you are so, if the cap fits, wear it!

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