Power Still Out on Captain Merritt’s Hill; Hillside Pump Station

Although power Mount Kisco has been restored in the downtown area and the vast majority of homes, there is still no power in the homes on Captain Merritt’s Hill. While this is definitely an inconvenience to residents, it could have disastrous effects for the Village of Mount Kisco’s water distribution system.

Hillside Avenue and Mount Avenue, the location of a massive tree that fell on Sunday morning, is also the location of the Hillside Avenue pump station. Since power in the neighborhood in out, the pump station is operating by a generator. This pump station is essential to the operation of the village’s water tank and water distribution system. If the pump station is not operating, water pressure could be lost in a wide area of Mount Kisco, including the fire hydrants.

The power was restored briefly and ConEdison thought the problem was solved. The power outage still remains. One Mountain Avenue resident explained, “it was fixed…for ten minutes! Then the fuses on the pole blew out. Those ten minutes were bliss.”

Since the Hillside Avenue pump station is critical to the village’s water distribution system and fire protection, the Village of Mount Kisco should be doing more at this time to get ConEdison to fix the power at Hillside and Mountain.

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