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In order to serve its mission to provide news, information and links for those living, working or interested in Mount Kisco, has added links to restaurant websites as an added feature.  The list, on the lower right side of the screen, excludes national chain restaurants (to support our local business owners).  Of course the list is also not inclusive because many Mount Kisco favoritesm such as the Mount Kisco Coach Diner and Mardino’s do not have websites.

Please leave a comment for any restaurants that I missed or send an email to,  More importantly, if you would like to send in a restaurant review, please send it to the above email address.

Mount Kisco has lost a few restaurants over the last few years because downtown landlords, including Friedland Properties, have made rents unaffordable or not been willing to lease to restaurants or businesses that are not national chains.  That is why Kisco Kosher is in White Plains and perhaps why Mount Kisco Japanese Cuisine is in Closter, New Jersey.

The Village of Mount Kisco government has little control over these landlords and what they decide to do with their properties.  If these landlords decide not to rent their properties to local businesses, Mount Kisco will have empty storefronts and lost revenues.

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