Salaries of Elected Village Officials

In New York State, per state law, most villages hold their elections in March. Some villages, like Mount Kisco, have opted to have their elections in November. Overall, there are more positives than negatives to have the elections in March. It saves money to have the elections in March and more voters show up in November to vote than in March. One negative aspect is that the voters vote along political lines even though the local parties are separated from the national and state party agendas. Mount Kisco has had Republicans voting on Democratic lines and vice versa. In Mount Kisco, the local candidates on the Democratic line have won almost all of the elections for the last decade.  Democrats have not lost an election since Mayor Paticia Reilly beat Michael Cindrich in 2001.

Recently, the Journal News published a list of the local village elections and the salaries earned by the officials of each village.  Comparing the villages having elections this year, Mount Kisco’s elected village officials are the highest paid (see chart below).  While the trustee salaries have not increased lately, the mayor’s salary was increased during the last several years.  While the salaries are not a great deal of money, it is difficult to explain why our police officers are among the lowest paid in the county and our elected officials are among the highest paid.

  Mayor Trustees
Mount Kisco            $     11,000              $       6,500
Briarcliff Manor            $               0              $               0
Bronxville            $               0              $               0
Buchanan            $       6,500              $       5,000
Croton-on-Hudson            $       5,000              $       3,000
Elmsford            $       6,600              $       4,000
Hastings-on-Hudson            $       4,000              $       2,000
Irvington            $       4,800              $       2,400
Larchmont            $               0              $               0
Pelham            $       5,000              $       2,000
Pelham Manor            $       5,000              $       2,000
Pleasantville            $       5,500              $       3,300
Port Chester            $     12,633              $       5,200
Scarsdale            $               0            $               0
Sleepy Hollow            $     10,000              $       4,750
Tarrytown            $       4,800              $       2,400
Tuckahoe            $       7,282              $       5,075

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