Should Mount Kisco Own a Park in Bedford?

Currently, Mount Kisco does not have a lot of parks, fields or open space.  Besides, Leonard Park, the only other athletic field owned by the Village of Mount Kisco in Mount Kisco is the recently renovated Fox Park.  Mount Kisco does use land owned by Diamond Properties at 333 North Bedford Road but does not own the land. 

Mount Kisco does, however, own land that includes a soccer field in Bedford behind Shop Rite.  While the park does serve a limited purpose, hosting soccer games for the adult Mount Kisco Soccer League on Sundays, it is not a neighborhood park where Mount Kisco residents can access by walking or biking.  In fact, it is locked except for Sundays when it hosts games.

Mount Kisco once used the land as a source of water and had wells pumping water to residents in Mount Kisco and Bedford.  The wells, unfortunately, were contaminated in 1979 by chemicals from a local business.  The land sat vacant and unused for many years until Recreation Commissioner Charlie Pieragostino took the initiative to create a soccer field.

The land has become more valuable in recent years and Mount Kisco should consider selling the land and using the money to create a field and park in Mount Kisco.  Diamond Properties could buy the land, or a portion thereof, for parking.  In fact, Diamond Properties needed a variance from the Town of Bedford to build a CVS with a drive-up window at the shopping center with Shop Rite.  With money from the sale of the land or an exchange of land, Mount Kisco can build a field that its residents can access and use.

The pictures below include pictures of the park and the entrance next to the Saw Mill Parkway and railroad tracks.

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  1. louis varamo says:

    If the village of Mount Kisco does decide to sell this park, How much money will they receive for this land and where will they build this new park that they mention.The proceeds from this land should only be used for a new ballfield .Before this land is sold there has to be a plan in place to make this new field a reality.I think the village board has a duty to the residence of Mount kisco to make the right decision and ask the public to vote on this issue.

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