Snow Storm to Arrive Soon; Bedford Schools Closed on Wednesday

Another snow storm is projected to hit Mount Kisco and the New York metropolitan region. The forecast for Mount Kisco appears to be 8-15 inches. Bedford Central School District has already closed its schools for Wednesday, January 12.

We hope that the Mount Kisco Highway Department does another fine job. The Village of Mount Kisco should learn from New York City’s mistakes and make sure that its emergency services such as the Fire Department and Ambulance Corps can enter and exit their properties before clearing non-essential areas.

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  1. concerned kisco says:

    I agree that the emergency services should be cleared of snow before other non-essential areas. In fact the storm after Christmas the Town Highway trucks cleared Main Street but left a 3-4 foot mound at the bottom of the ramp to the firehouse garage. We have some good pictures of that. Now this past storm, the town highway trucks didn’t even topuch the Main Street firehouse until the storm was about over. I was informed that someone even called to complain to the Highway garage around midnight(the night of the storm) from the firehouse.

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