Tale of Two Restaurants

There are two restaurants in Mount Kisco that were denied cabaret permits because of their proximity to either a church or a residential neighborhood.  Coincidentally, both of these restaurants were featured in newspapers last week.  One of the restaurants was featured for its service to the community.  The other restaurant was featured for its law suits against the Village of Mount Kisco .

On page 5 of the January 26, 2010 edition of The Examiner, there is an article by Martin Wilbur titled “Bellizzi Owner Makes Girl’s Wish Come True” (Use Link). The article describes how Isi Albanese, owner of Bellizzi on Main Street in Mount Kisco, opened his restaurant and game room on a Sunday morning for a girl with Leukemia who could not go out to restaurants or recreational facilities because of her doctor’s instructions. It is one of the many ways that Bellizzi’s contributes to the community even though he was turned down for a cabaret license. I have linked Bellizzi’s menu and encourage others to patronize Bellizzi’s.

On the other end of the spectrum, another restaurant owner is suing Mount Kisco as described in The Journal News in an article by Sean Gorman titled “Restaurant Owner Won’t Appeal Case Against Mount Kisco” (Use Link). The article describes law suits by Mauricio Arriaga, owner of Mango Cafe, also on Main Street in Mount Kisco. The first suit was dismissed by a federal judge that granted a summary judgment to the Village of Mount Kisco. That case is described in a November 18 post written on MountKiscoNews.com. The article in The Journal News also describes that Mr. Arriaga has a “second case pending in federal court against Mount Kisco, this one charging that the village didn’t approve a full cabaret license for the Mango Cafe because of his comments about Mount Kisco’s stance toward Latinos.”

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