Too Many Fire Alarms at 333 North Bedford Road

At just after 6:00 on September 11, 2010, as the Mount Kisco Fire Department was about to participate in the memorial service for those that lost their lives in the attacks on September 11, 2001, a chorus of beeping pagers began. The message over the beepers announced that the fire alarm had been activated at 333 North Bedford Road. As many of the firemen left the memorial ceremony to respond to 333 North Bedford Road, they were dissappointed because they wanted to pay respect to those who lost their lives and they knew that they were leaving in response to a false alarm.

After conversations with several Mount Kisco Fire Department members, it is common knowledge that false alarms are routine at 333 North Bedford Road. There have been about a half-dozen false alarms over the last three months. These false alarms disrupt the lives of the volunteer firefighters that have pledged to protect our homes and community from real fires.

The owner of 333 North Bedford Road is asking different Village of Mount Kisco boards for approvals. Before these approvals are granted, the owner should provide a solution for the false alarms.

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