Trustee Morreale Returns from China; Deja Vu at Trustees Meeting

At the most recent Village Board meeting on July 18, Trustee Morreale discussed his trip to China that caused him to miss Village Board meetings since May 16. Trustee Morreale said he kept up on village affairs through email and the village website. Unfortunately, he could not keep up on the minutes from Village Board meetings because the last meeting posted on the Village’s website is from May 31.

The good news is that Trustee Morreale did not miss much. At the July 18 meeting, the Village Board discussed the same unsolvable problems such as the smell from the transfer station and code enforcement issues. Trustee Markus continues to be concerned about the smell from the transfer station. He has been concerned for eight years; instead of being concerned, he should be proactive about doing something to alleviate the smells.

There are years of quarterly reports that show problems with the transfer station. Apparently this is another unsolvable problem that Mayor Cindrich and his running mates could not address in eight years, along with hiring police officers, reaching contracts with the police union and addressing weak code enforcement. Some problems, like smells from an improperly supervised transfer station, should be able to be solved in less than a decade.

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