Two Democrats with 16 Votes Beat an Independent with 8 Votes

In the primary election for Mount Kisco trustee on Tuesday, September 14, the race for the Independence Party line went to Democrats Jean Farber, with 17 votes, and Joseph Morreale, with 16 votes. The Mount Kisco Democratic candidates beat Theodore Strauss, an actual member of the Independence Party, for the Independence Party line in the general election.

Since the Democrats were running on their own line, at the top of the ballot, why did they need the Independence Party line?  If history repeats itself, the Mount Kisco Democrats will pick up about 300 votes from being on the Independence Party line, not because of their plans for Mount Kisco.  The Mount Kisco Democrats were allowed to run for the Independence Party line only because of a political favor, politics as usual.  In 2005, the Mount Kisco Democratic candidates had three party lines, including the Conservative Party nomination.  This is a local election, which should be based on qualifications and ideas, not favors, political gamesmanship and party lines.

Of course, there almost was no primary election as the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee engineered a challenge to stop Mr. Strauss from running for the election on his own party line.  Even though there were members of the Independent Party on the Democratic Committee, the Democratic Committee recruited Alma DeLeon of Carpenter Avenue to sign a challenge.  The challenge was denied by the Board of Elections. 

I am sure if the Mount Kisco Democrats lost this primary election, they would have demanded a recount (not that it would have taken much time).  With some of the members of the Democratic Committee is all about politics.

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  1. Helen Teevan says:

    It’s Not Easy Being Green

    I would just like to express my disgust with all our local and statewide candidates running in this upcoming election for their ungreen ways! Not only is the huge quantity of literature, arriving daily at my house, completely unhelpful in terms of clarifying positions on issues or even party affiliation, but these wasteful politicians use high quality glossy paper (not recycled) for their ridiculous publicity, and one pair even left plastic bags on all the doors in my neighborhood! What are you guys thinking?????? I certainly dont want any of you in charge of my hard-paid taxes or my environment!!! You know who you are so, if the cap fits, wear it!

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