Two Mt. Kisco Residents Running for School Board Today

Today, May 17, 2011, from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, the Bedford Central School District will hold its election. On that date, Mount Kisco residents will have the opportunity to vote for the school budget and for two members of the Board of Education.

Two Mount Kisco candidates are running for the school board, Eric Karle and Richard Hooker. Richard Hooker is running against incumbent Mark Chernis. Richard Hooker is a former Chief of the Mount Kisco Fire Department and a long-time volunteer in Mount Kisco. Eric Karle is running unopposed.

The budget proposal represents a 2.15% spending increase from this year’s budget. The property tax increase, however, will increase by 1.8%. As a result of equalization rates, the tax increases will vary by town. Mount Kisco will have a 7% increase while Bedford residents will have 3% decrease.

Richard Hooker, as a long-term resident, employee of the Town of Pound Ridge and active fire department member and officer is very familiar with the district, its residents and its needs. Mr. Hooker, who has children in the school distrct, believes he can offer the school board a different perspective than the other members of the board. He believes that there should be changes to teachers’ tenure and the Triboro Amendment.

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