Village Board Makes Reappointment to Architectural Review Board

According to the Village of Mount Kisco’s website, the ARB is to consider the appropriateness of proposed building, structure alterations or additions in relation to the established character of other structures in the immediate area and with respect to significant architectural features. In addition to the aesthetics of building construction, the Architectural Review Board is also responsible for reviewing and approving proposed signage in accordance with the Village’s sign ordinance.

The reappointed member, Bruce Hartleben, has had a house under construction for several years and has at least one charge currently pending in Mount Kisco Town Court for some failure related to his building permit. This case has been in the court for over a year and the Village of Mount Kisco has spent a considerable amount of staff time and money on prosecution. Below are some current pictures that show plywood covering a garage entrance, exposed insulation wrapping and other unsightly items.

Now, why would the Village Board appoint someone that is being prosecuted in Mount Kisco Town Court to a position on the Architectural Review Board? Could it be because of this?

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