Village Board Punts Walkway Improvements to the Planning Board

For the third meeting in a row, the Mount Kisco Village Board discussed a proposal from local business owner Isi Albanese to improve the landscaping in the walkway between East Main Street and the Blackeby Parking Lot. The total cost of the project would be borne by Mr. Albanese.

The walkway runs next to the movie theater and the property redeveloped by Mr. Albanese from a gas station with rental truck storage to a presentable business property. The improvements that Mr. Albanese wants to make will also run next to his new proposed business, Frannie’s Goodie Shop, a frozen yogurt cafe (see website link). Mr. Albanese plans to open Frannie’s Goodie Shop in April.

At the meeting, the Village Board gave the project their conditional approval and sent the proposal to the Planning Board for their review. Hopefully, this will be the last step of the bureaucratic process. Although, as far as I know, the project has not been sent to the Zoning Board or Architectural Review Board yet.

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