Village Responds to; Installs Sign

As written on June 26 in this blog, the intersection of Route 133 (West Main Street) and Route 117 (North Bedford Road) is a difficult intersection. With the entrance to Shoppers Park, the traffic islands, the merging lane in front of Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church and the American Legion and Jeff Feigl Square, drivers can easily get confused.  On the north side of the intersection, there are two one way roads going south: Jeff Feigl Sqaure and the southbound lanes on Route 117. There is, however, no “Do Not Enter” sign at the end of Jeff Feigl Square. This causes more confusion among drivers and may lead to an accident.

This blog’s opinion was seconded by a commenter that “signage deficiency is a Life-Safety issue and the town officials must take care of this immediately or face some serious liability.”

I am pleased to write that the Village installed a Do Not Enter sign.  The pictures with the sign and without the sign are posted below:


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