Wednesday Post Storm Update from Mount Kisco

The Mount Kisco Village Manager had the following update (with some editorial comments):

Primary and secondary roads are now all accessible. Target and A&P are open. A&P has plenty of milk and dairy but is low on beer (see picture below)

Con Ed is working to restore power to southern areas of the Village. Power should be restored to Brook Street, much of Grove, High, Ward, Leonard, Thorn, W. Hyatt, Spring, Boltis, Woodland, Main Street, Moore Avenue, St. Mark’s, Lawrence, Pine, Spencer, Lexington by later on this afternoon.

Power restoration is being assessed for Valley View, portions of N. Bedford Road, eastern Barker Street.

An emergency shelter remains open at the Boys and Girls Club at 351 Main Street. Dry ice will be available at Yonkers Raceway at 3PM. Additional dry ice will be available at a northern Westchester location which has yet to be announced. This information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

Families are again urged to avoid any trick-or-treating this evening.

The Mt. Kisco Public Library is open, fully staffed and has wireless service and computers for your use. The library is crowded (see below) and the service is not available for all who wish to get online.

Refuse collection remains on the normal pick-up schedule. The current focus of Village clean up efforts is to make the public right-of-ways safe for pedestrian and vehicle travel. Limbs from private property can be brought to the curb for collection provided they are tied in four foot bundles. The unauthorized dumping of material in the public right-of-way is prohibited. Village will resume collection of leaf bags and curbside leaf collection later this week.

The Village Highway Department has been doing a tremendous job with tree removal and cleanup. Give them a thank you to let them know you appreciate their efforts. See cleanup of about half a dozen trees on Prospect Street below.

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