Westchester BOE Makes Decision on Democratic Primary Petitions

As reported here earlier, Joan Donohue, wife of Judge John Donohue, submitted a letter to the Westchester Board of Elections challenging the petitions for the Mount Kisco judicial race submitted by Peter DiChiara. This was just a step by Joan Donohue to eliminate a candidate in the Democratic Party primary and competition for her husband John Donohue.

Even though Peter DiChiara had more than the required 114 signatures on his petitions, several of those signatures were from voters that had signed a petition for other candidates. With those signatures eliminated, Peter DiChiara was only four signatures short and off of the Democratic Party ballot.

With no other candidates, other than those supported by the Mount Kisco Democratic Committee, running in local races, it was refreshing that there would be at least one local race. The action by Joan Donohue is not surprising since she was Democratic chairperson in 2005 and was responsible for obtaining the Mount Kisco Justice Democratic nomination for her then-Republican husband.

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