Yes, there is a Chief Kisco

Chief Kisco, the statue that stands in Jeff Feigl Square in front of the American Legion, is not an original statue or a statue of a real person.  The statue is one of many identical statues had been cast at the turn of the century by the J. L. Mott Ironworks, of New York City.  The statues was originally mounted on a large pubic fountain for horses with an inscription “God’s only beverage for man and beast.”  Now, the statue, affectionaely known as Chief Kisco is stationed on a traffic island staring across the street at the statue of Christopher Columbus.

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The real live Chief Kisco is of Chief Kisco Liswani III of the Masubia Tribal Authority in Namibia.  Apparently Chief Kisco of Namibia is in the middle of a dispute that could lead to a tribal war.  Let’s hope that Chief Kisco does the right thing for Namibia and upholds the Kisco name.

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